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You have come to the right place to plan your trip. We will accommodate you with all the information to arrange a booking or even if you need a hotel in Male it will be a pleasure to assist you.

Even though we have star categorized the resorts for your convenience, they are all unique with its own natural beauty offering modern services, delectable food and extremely hospitable service and personalized attention to smallest details. For more information please feel free to call or mail us anytime.

Immigration & Customs

Tourists are issued 30 days visa on arrival. A passport or a similar valid document is needed to enter the Maldives. Visa extensions are handled by the immigration.

Fire arms could not be imported in to the Maldives. Likewise import of drugs, pornography and idols of worship are illegal. Dogs, pigs, and pork products could only be imported with a special permit only to the resorts. Liquor and pork products are available in all the resorts.

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