Chaaya Lagoon HakuraaHuraa 4

Dive with Dive & Sail

Hakuraa run two regular daily boat dives, at 9:00 and at 14:30, there is no minimum number of divers required for these boats. 2-tank dives, full day trips and night dives are regular weekly activities.

Meemu Atoll offers a variety of dive sites from giris and thilas to channels, out reefs and drop offs.

As the Atoll has only been open to tourism since 1999 you will find the reefs in very good condition and full of great variety of fish life.

As all Maldivian atolls tend to have a special feature, Meemu Atoll is signified by some bizarre reef formations and incredible schools of pelagic fish.

Over the last 5-6 years Hakuraa have regularly observed whale sharks and mantas. Whale sharks appear seasonally between mid May and mid December; mantas can be seen for a large part of the year. There have also been sightings of both moon fish and a seahorse – very rare, but enough to get the heart beating faster!

Sunset & Night Fishing

Visitors to the resort are encouraged to try their hand at angling using the traditional Maldivian method of fishing. The fishing industry is one of the main spheres that make a large contribution to the economy of the Maldives islands. Visitors take a Dhoni and travels out of the resort in the evening, just in time to enable visitors to view the sun setting. Sunset or night fishing is therapy of sorts. Under the darkening skies and the glistening stars lines will be cast in the hopeful expectation that some unsuspecting prey would take the bait.

When fishing the traditional Maldivian way anglers use a feathered barb-less hook on a line attached to a 15 foot bamboo pole. During night fishing species such as squirrelfish, emperors, snappers, reef fish and jacks would fall prey to the set up bait.
The catch of the day will be prepared by the chef for dinner the next night.

Island Hopping

There are approximately 2000 islands in the Maldives, therefore the best method of discovering Maldives would be to go island hopping. In this excursion visitors are taken to several islands to enable the visitors to gain insights to the country and its people. A visit to two islands located close by Hakuraa Huraa would be made; these islands are inhabited by villagers and provide the visitors an opportunity to discover the way of life and the traditions of these villagers.

The inhabited island of Maldives have fishing villages, where the life of the village revolves around fishing, at these villages guests get the opportunity to live a day in the life of a villager. The inhabitants of the island are friendly and hospitable therefore visitors might be invited to sample a traditional Maldivian meal at their homes.

Visit to the isle of Adam & Eve

Visitors can rekindle the spark in their relationship by making a visit to the Adam and Eve Island; couples have an opportunity to escape into a secluded island for a day. This is privacy at its best, spend a day in lush greenery with your soul mate and rekindle the romance. The highlight of the day trip would be the candle light dinner accompanied with champagne to celebrate the new found romance on a traditional Maldivian Dhoni, as it gracefully finds its way back to the resort.

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