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Visit Himmafushi or Huraa Island

A trip to the island of Himmafushi/Huraa will enable visitors to obtain firsthand information about the local life. Himmafushi Island is a fishing village, as is the case of many of the Maldivian villages. you will be able to gain insights into the simple life led by the villagers; you would be able to view the process of making Maldive fish and dry fish.

Moreover you will be able to interact with the island dwellers and find out more information about their value, beliefs and traditions. They may even be invited to sample home cooked local fare by the hospitable villagers. Visitors could make a stopover at the boutiques in the island and pick up local handicrafts and knick knacks that they could present as souvenirs.

Wonder through the streets of Malé Shopping

Male's offers a variety of goods for the discerning shopper looking out for a great bargain. Located a few miles away from the fish market one could scout the local market for handicrafts, the many stalls have various products that have been gathered from the different atolls in Male'. Homemade jams, preserves, sweets and pickles can also be purchased at the local market.

Visitors could visit Majeedhee Magu for garments, cosmetics, electronic gadgets, shoes, handbags and kitchenware. Chaandanee Magu is the place to visit for souvenirs, the shops in Male' remain open till 11 pm therefore visitors could shop at their leisure.

Mulee Aage Palace

This was a palace built by Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen for his son in 1906; the palace is located in front of the Friday mosque, which is also known as Hukuru Miskiiy. This property was built before World War I, when the Sultan was overthrown in 1936 the palace was declared as government property. In 1953 the palace officially became the president's official resident and was renamed as the Presidential Palace. This beautiful building is known for its ornate white carvings.

National Museum of Maldives

This museum is located on a part of the Sultan's palace in Sultan's Park. The museum holds many national treasures and artefacts of the rich cultural heritage of the Maldives. The national museum was open for public display on the national day of the country and the purpose for setting up this museum was to preserve the history of this archipelago of islands.

The museum contains many of the costumes, ornaments and accessories worn by various kings and queens, paper and cloth manuscripts, arms and costumes of armour, stone items used during the pre-Islamic period and many more objects exhibiting the history of the Maldives islands.

The Islamic Centre

The Islamic centre, which is considered to be one of the biggest and finest mosques, can accommodate more than 5000 worshippers. It is one of the greatest architectural landmarks in the Maldives and is considered to be one of the biggest and finest mosques in the Southeast Asian region.

The ornate woodcarvings and the intricate Arabic calligraphy found within the mosque gives it a world renowned status. The golden dome and the minaret of this mosque are the most outstanding features of this construction and can be spotted on the Dhoni ride to Male'.

Watch the Dolphins & Manta's

Spotting Dolphins is gaining much popularity in the Maldives, the Dolphin safari is an excursion designed to interest the visitor that wants to experience this once in a life time opportunity. The cruise leaves in the morning and the afternoon, and visitors could spot many species of Dolphin on these waters. Spinner dolphins are the most common as they are found in large numbers in this region, large dolphins such as short-finned pilot whales, other species of dolphin such as bottlenose dolphin, Fraser's dolphin, striped dolphin, Risso's dolphin and sharp-toothed dolphin could also be spotted.

Therefore with a large number of species of Dolphins visitors can be guaranteed to spot a few swimming in the Indian Ocean. Manta Rays are also common to this region therefore visitors would also be able to spot this type of fish on the safari. Once spotted the Dhoni would anchor and allow the visitors the opportunity to swim with these elegant creatures.

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