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Baros Maldives is unique as an underwater destination for several reasons:
  • It has two centres devoted to diving and exploring the sea: The Dive Centre and the separate Marine Centre.
  • It has a stunning house reef full of spectacular marine life just a few strokes or walking paces from the beach (no need to go by boat).
  • There are 30 world class dive spots within less than 50 minutes by boat.
  • At the Dive Centre guests can learn not only scuba diving, but also participate in Eco Diving as the EcoDive Centre is the first in the Maldives.
  • At the separate Marine Centre, guests can borrow snorkelling gear free of charge, join guided snorkelling excursions, obtain information and take part in awareness programmes conducted by the resident Marine Biologist.

Dive Centre

Twice a day a selection of over 30 world-class dive spots can be visited, each within 50 minutes boat ride of Baros Maldives.

Design your own private diving experience with one of Baros professional diving instructors. Choose from a la carte offer with over 30 dive sites and step onboard of your private 15 meter luxury boat. All comforts are offered on board. Simply relax in a separate lounge or on the sundeck roof before and after your dive.

No experience needed for this breath taking adventure. After successfully completing your discover scuba dive at the Baros house reef you will have the great opportunity to experience a boat dive to one of Baros beautiful exclusive dive site. Your private instructor will take you on a private luxury dhoni and together you will experience the thrill of your first open water dive. All comforts are offered on board. Simply relax in a separate lounge or on the sundeck roof before and after your dive.

An introduction to the basic principles of coral reef conservation and monitoring, using the Reef Check method. Learn how these techniques and equipment are used in the field. During this 2-hour course you will actively participate in conducting coral reef research and surveys using the sampling techniques used in monitoring coral reefs. Whether you are a snorkeler or a diver you may still experience this.

No experience needed for this breathtaking experience. Explore the underwater world and take your memories home
A dive on the Baros House reef
    • Explanation of the diving equipment
    • Practice with scuba gear in shallow water
    • Basic skills to be practiced in shallow water

Marine Centre

Work Shop & Excursions
  • EDUCATIONAL MARINE BIOLOGIST SNORKELLING - Marine Centre with a relaxed 30-minute class about marine organisms that are expected to be seen.
  • SNORKELLING SAFARI - the nooks and crannies of the stunning house-reef at Baros Maldives, it is time to join a Snorkelling Safari by boat and discover the beauty of the underwater world.
  • NIGHT SNORKELLING - Nocturnal creatures come out of their hiding places and make the reef their own for the night. Witness an astounding adventure that you can only experience during a night snorkelling trip. Armed with a powerful underwater flashlight, let yourself be amazed at how intense the reef becomes as night.
  • CORAL TRANSPLANTATION WORKSHOP - During the „El Niño“ coral bleaching event in 1998, which stressed corals due to elevated sea surface  temperatures around the world, 90% of the Maldivian coral reefs were severely affected. Reefs are still  recovering since then, but the ecosystem needs Baros care and attention.
  • PRIVATE SNORKELLING EXPERIENCES - Whether you would like to learn snorkelling in privacy, or join one of Baros excursions; Baros can customize your snorkelling experiences according to your wishes and Baros time schedule.
  • TAKE YOUR MEMORIES HOME! - Baors Marine Centre staff will make sure that you can take your unique snorkelling excursion memories back home in the form of a Photo CD.

Water Sports

From a leisurely paddle in a glass bottom canoe, a catamaran cruise across idyllic waters or the excitement of windsurfing, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Water Sports Centre

The Molokini canoe is a thrilling way to discover marine life without actually snorkelling, as guests can view the ocean's floor, reefs and fish through its transparent bottom and sides.

Catamaran Sailing
A light breeze is enough to get a comfortable cruising speed. No sailing experience required as this sailing is guided by a skipper.

The warm water and crystal clear blue lagoon provide a perfect environment for windsurfing, suiting the novice and expert alike.

Waterski & Wakeboard
These exciting activities are permitted only beyond the lagoon.


Snorkelling Safari
Conducted by a Marine Biologist, this safari visits at least two more reefs with cliffs and caves where animals feed and live, providing a peep into the fascinating, hidden underwater world. Underwater cameras can be rented at the Marine Centre to capture this extraordinary experience.

Night Snorkelling
The house reef is the perfect setting for a conducted night snorkel tour for advanced snorkellers, with snorkel equipment and underwater flashlights provided.

Educational Marine Biologist Snorkelling
After a relaxed 30-minute class about the marine organisms likely to be seen, the Marine Biologist guides snorkellers to the best spots around the island.

Private Snorkelling Experiences
Individual, personalised snorkelling experiences can be arranged on request at the Marine Centre.

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