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Far beyond the ethereal vision of brilliant blue waters lies a clandestine treasure that reveals the very essence of Maldives, the fishermen’s islands. Promising an unforgettable journey for travellers, a visit to the fishermen’s Islands will be the idyllic excursion for those curious souls wanting to learn more about the vibrant and rich culture of Maldives.

Taking you on an experience of a lifetime, fishermen’s Islands is an open window to secluded communities, those that carry on the traditions and norms laid down many centuries ago. Untouched by modernity, the untamed beauty of the island is nothing short of spectacular where travellers can simply immerse in the tranquil surroundings of a typical fishing village.


Much of the Maldivian islands are uninhabited, making the Maldives the ideal escape for lovers of all ages. A visit to one of its deserted islands will allow couples to relax and enjoy a special day in complete privacy.

Transporting you and your partner on a dhoni, the boat will drop you off on a private island where the two of you can have a gourmet lunch under the cooling shade of a beach umbrella. Adding yet another dimension of pleasure, enjoy the refreshments as the guides will leave you and your partner ashore in each others company. Amidst the pleasure of a blissful solitude, the island is simply yours for your every whim.

The ideal getaway for lovers seeking paradise, walking on a moonlit night with your significant other while the cool breeze of the ocean surrounds you would undoubtedly create unforgettable memories that would last a lifetime; memories that lures couples to come back time and time again to experience the wonder of virgin islands.


A heavenly paradise, a visit to the desert islands will definitely be an experience of its own. Tucked away in the immense expanse of the Indian Ocean, the desert islands are some of the most pristine retreats in the world.

For the nature lover, the vibrant marine life of the coral reefs that surround these desert islands may present a getaway to the perfect communion with nature.

These islands are where the wildest imaginations are free to roam in complete isolation and perfect freedom.


Cruising on the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and sailing towards the setting sun is one of the many great experiences that you will remember through the Sunset Photo Flip in the Maldives.

Setting off on a traditional Maldivian Dhoni, a sturdy sailboat, cruise towards the sunset where the traveler stumbles upon a gorgeous spectacle that mother nature offers only to a few. The striking colors of the setting sun on the backdrop of the blue sky will be a sight most memorable, among the coral reefs and underwater marine life.

Accompanied with a camera, high spirits, and delectable traditional Maldivian food, the Sunset Photo Flip is an experience that will be treasured by the discerning traveler for years to come.


To visitors to the Maldives, the unassuming patches of the purest white sand that are dotted throughout the Maldivian territory might be hardly worth a mention. But the closer one looks at these beautiful aquatic dunes of sand, the more one would become mesmerized by its subtle beauty and almost mysterious nature.

Like the weather, the sandbanks are in a state of constant change. The ocean moves and recreates the sandbanks according to its will, making the banks an evolving organism of mystery and timeless beauty.

Travellers can spend 3 magical hours wading in the shore, soaking up the sun, sand and the turquoise waters. Awaiting you are refreshments and a selection of tropical fruit under a shady beach umbrella to make your sandbank experience even more enjoyable.

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