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Decode the mysteries of the amazing Maldives one at a time as you venture deeper and learn more about its natural wonders and cultural background. There’s more to Maldives than its sun kissed beaches and crystal clear waters.

After soaking up the sun and exploring every corner of the spectacular house reef, step away from paradise to mingle with the locals and synch your senses with what Maldives is all about.


Just a few minutes away from the island of Bandos lies Kuda Bandos, an uninhabited island surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean. Cloaked in a veil of lush greenery, this little island in the Maldives offers seclusion in the heart of paradise for those in search of it.

Ideal for newlywed couples looking for privacy, Kuda Bandos is a dreamy retreat where you can spend hours with your loved one enjoying the amazing sunsets, the crisp sea breeze and the white sandy beaches.


Arguably the oldest profession in the Maldives, fishing is among the most rewarding activities made available to the active traveller. Those who mite rank themselves as talented fishermen with a sixth sense for good fishing spots would find it a worthy challenge to test the plentiful waters of the Indian Ocean for an impressive catch.


Quite simply astonishing in more ways than one, Maldives is a photographer’s dream holiday destination. Illuminated with impeccable lighting during most of the year some of the locations in this corner of the world are breathtaking to say the least.

Hop aboard a Dhoni and head out to sea in search of the perfect shot. As you head further away from land, feel the ripples of the open ocean at the foot of the Dhoni. Soak in the nostalgic atmosphere of the surroundings prior to assembling your gear and brace yourself for a myriad of captivating sights and sounds.

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